Best free online typing games to practice typing daily

Best Free Online Typing Games To Practice Typing Daily

free online typing games

Keyboarding skill is a must-have for students and professionals. As the world is moving online computers and mobile phones are the only working source that remains today. Even while interacting with friends and family we use text messages. Looking at the current growth speed in the modern world, typing fast and accurately is demanded skill in IT companies.

Parents and teachers understand the necessity of typing skills. It is challenging and painful to acquire new skills. Tradition typing lessons can fail to engage modern scholars. It is where the concept of Gamification learning comes into play. Learning with games eliminates pain and makes learning fun and enjoyable. It is a reward-chasing way of learning. Mean there is a reward for your try too.

This article discusses the best free online typing games that 21st-century people can use. There are lots of games online for you to play, but not all of them are both fun and useful for improving your typing skills. We’ve picked out 4 of the best ones that succeed at both: Play these games and test your typing skills at wpm test online to track progress.

Keyboard Ninja

If you love ninjas, this could be one of your favorite free online typing games.

In this game, you are training to become a master keyboard ninja, and you’re in your final stage where you must slice all the fruit thrown your way by typing the letters that show above each piece. You can also slice ice cubes to help slow down the rate of the flying fruit.

But you have to avoid the bombs your trainer is throwing at you, too, or the game’s over. And did we mention you’re a monkey?


fun typing games

This typing game looks just like Pacman, which makes it awesome by default.

The point of this game is, of course, to outrun the ghost. However, instead of just moving around the maze with your arrow keys, you need to move by typing the letter or punctuation mark that shows up in the direction you want to move. 

Why’s this so hard? Because you’re not spelling out any specific words; you’re just typing random letters and marks, which really works your knowledge of key locations and makes this one of the best free online typing games around.

Ninja Cat and Zombie Dinosaurs

Best. Title. Ever. (And yes, there’s apparently a ninja theme going on here.)

Instead of being monkey-like you were in the previous game, you’re a half cat, half ninja (most likely a French one at that, because you start off fighting in various locations around France). Your goal is to save the world from zombie dinosaurs by typing the words that appear below them as they race to attack you.

The words are pretty common, but the dinosaurs come at you quickly, so you need to know how to “defend” yourself. Be careful to not type the wrong thing, either, or your accuracy goes down.


There’s no shortage of free online typing games, but these are just some of the more interesting, fun ones that users of any skill level can enjoy. And as an added bonus, you could try our typing game!

It’s called typrX, and the goal is for you to type as fast and as accurately as you can to move your car from start to finish. You can even compete against other players online to see who can type the fastest!

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Optional  free online typing you can use

Dance Mat Typing

Dance Mat helps kids learn where all the letters are on the keyboard. In the first level, little typists familiarize themselves with the “home row” keys (A, S, D, F, G, H, J, K, L). With the guidance of some animal friends, kids then advance to the second and third levels, where they learn the keys above and below the home row. In the final level, Claudette the Cat shows you how to add the letters X and Z, make capital letters with the “shift” key, and type the apostrophe, slash, and period.

This game will also help kids learn the proper positioning of the hands-on keyboard—a good skill to learn young before they pick up hard-to-break bad habits.

Keyboard Climber 2

Oh no! There’s a monkey stuck at the bottom of a cave! In this game, kids can help the monkey by jumping up rock platforms, which they can do by recognizing the letters that pop up on the screen. With each letter kids type correctly, the monkey gets a banana bunch. If they get it wrong, a coconut falls on the monkey’s head and the level must be restarted.


The aim of the game is simple: Pop the balloons before they escape into the atmosphere. To do this, your kiddo must type the letter that appears on the balloon. You’re given five lives but will lose one for each balloon that escapes. Typing an incorrect letter will also deduct points from your score. This game is ideal for people of all ages (yes, even parents) who are looking to improve their keyboard skills.

Try out these games and have your friends play them to see who can get the highest scores. Which one was your favorite, and how well did you do?Ty

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